Warm & Cool Breast Soothie Relief for breast pain


Our Breast Soothie provides warm & cool therapy to treat breast tenderness.

Product highlights include:

  • It’s reusable, BPA free, Non-toxic, and not made with natural rubber latex
  • The soothie is phthalate free and safety tested for CPSIA, FDA and TRA.
  • Every compress comes with an organza storage pouch for safe keeping
  • For warm therapy, submerge in warm water or microwave according to directions on package.
  • Simply store in the refrigerator or freezer for cold therapy.
  • Complete care and instructions imprinted on item

This item is Perfect for any breastfeeding starter kit and has uses beyond breastfeeding include- soothing ouchies, bumps, and bruises.

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Simple solutions make a big difference and that’s why we’ve introduced the Happy Fig Breast Soothie to treat breast pain.

This SINGLE BREAST SOOTHING COMPRESS provides warm/cool relief for mothers in the early stages of breastfeeding.

  • The breast soothie can be warmed or cooled to ease breast tenderness in the early stages of breastfeeding
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, and no naturally occuring latex.
  • Comes in playful pink to remind moms about breast cancer awareness and conducting breast exams regularly.
  • The gel pack may be placed into a mother’s nursing bra for discreet and convenient relief.
  • Compress can be used for bumps and bruises as your child grows.
  • We believe in safety first, always use with caution and care, particularly when removing from the microwave.
  • While a mother shouldn’t experience extended pain while nursing, a warm compress can provide temporary relief to discomfort.


If you are experiencing extended pain, we’d encourage you to contact a certified lactation consultant. In the mean time, here are 5 tips we feel every breastfeeding mom should know.






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