painted-heart“I tried LatchPal and loved it!  Very easy to use, sturdy, cute and overall brilliant.”


painted-heart“The fabric is super cute and heavyweight – it’s a good quality fabric!”


painted-heart“LatchPal eliminates the awkwardness of shirt adjusting, especially while pumping, with its simple and functional design.”


painted-heart“LatchPal makes it more comfortable to nurse in public.”


painted-heart“LatchPal is easy to use one handed.”


painted-heart“LatchPal is fantastic!”


painted-heart“It’s basic and small, so you can bring it anywhere and use anywhere!”


painted-heart” I wish this product was available when I breastfed my babies!”


painted-heart“LatchPal is great! It works great for pumping too!”


painted-heart“I use my LatchPal all the time”