Breastfeeding Shirt Clip FAQ

How do I use LatchPal, the first breastfeeding shirt clip to nurse baby hands-free?





Where is LatchPal breastfeeding shirt clip made?

As a parent-founded business that manufactures this must-have breastfeeding / nursing accessory, we’ve partnered with family founded assembly companies in the Chicagoland area to assemble LatchPal, our amazingly simple yet effective way to turn any shirt into a nursing shirt by using a breastfeeding shirt clip strap.

Different sizes and colors of our nursing shirt clip?

LatchPal breastfeeding shirt clip comes in four fashionable colors; we plan to introduce new colors with the expansion of our product line. If you are interested in customized LatchPal designs, please contact us, the inventors of the first breastfeeding shirt clip.


Will LatchPal work with different types of shirts?

Yes, our nursing shirt strap was invented to secure t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, and medium weight sweatshirts so moms can nurse hands-free without holding their shirt up or constantly re-positioning the shirt. In addition, the LatchPal breastfeeding clip has a rubber tip, to ensure apparel is not damaged during use.


Where can I purchase the LatchPal nursing shirt clip?

At this time, LatchPal is available for purchase through our website: and local retailers & lactation consultants. If you are a retailer interested in carrying LatchPal, please contact us.


Can LatchPal nursing shirt clip be washed?

Yes, LatchPal can be spot cleaned with soap and water. The LatchPal nursing shirt clip / strap colors will not fade or run.

Learn more about the inventors behind the first nursing shirt strap clip here or buy a LatchPal breastfeeding clip here.