About us

Thank you for learning a little bit more about our breastfeeding shirt clip that turns any shirt into a pull-up, nursing shirt!

How our nursing shirt clip came to be…

Motherhood is amazing and full of unimaginable surprises. I expected sleepless nights and diaper duty, but didn’t know breastfeeding would be such a challenging hurdle. Like so many moms before me, I cradled my hungry baby, clumsily adjusted my bra, and sat in uncomfortable positions to hold up my shirt. Before I knew it, my baby was squirming, my shirt was falling, and our nursing sessions were interrupted. I needed a better, hands-free breastfeeding solution; that’s when I created LatchPal the first nursing shirt clip of it’s kind!

Benefits of our breastfeeding clip:

LatchPal is a breastfeeding shirt clip that holds up a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding.  LatchPal eliminates shirt re-positioning and feeding disruptions while helping a mother nurse hands-free and in greater comfort to maximize milk flow.

Our patent-pending breastfeeding clip was designed with moms in mind; our multi-use  solution only requires one hand to attach and latch can be used as a nursing reminder clip once your baby’s belly is full. LatchPal is a must-have breastfeeding shirt strap accessory, it’s a breastfeeding essential that’s perfect for post-partum moms, pumping, and nursing in public!

LatchPal was created to grow with your family. Our versatile product has proven benefits beyond breastfeeding! It can hold keys, hand sanitizer, pacifers, and secures a toddler’s clothes during potty training!!!!

Baby Inspired, Mom Invented, Parent Approved!

LatchPal was created by a mom, like you, who knows what you’re going through! Our parent-founded business was inspired by our son and we’ve named our company after him; Happy Fig LLC. The LatchPal breastfeeding shirt clip is a parent-tested, mother-approved, and made in the USA; we hope you like it!




Founder & CEO