LatchPal – Milkflow


  • A Mom-invented breastfeeding clip that secures a mother’s shirt
  • Be hands-free, nurse comfortably, and maximize milk flow
  • Achieve a clear view of baby & breast to achieve successful  latching & feeding.
  • It’s  perfect for pumping to keep shirts stain-free!
  • Only requires one hand to attach and latch!
  • It’s small, discrete, and is perfect for any breastfeeding starter kit
  • Several uses beyond breastfeeding and pumping!
  • Quick shipping. Need gift wrapping? Just ask!



BREASTFEED IN COMFORT: LatchPal is a mom-invented breastfeeding clip that holds up a mother’s shirt so she can be hands-free, nurse comfortably, maximize milk flow, and have a clear view of her baby & breast to achieve successful  latching & feeding. LatchPal is also perfect for pumping to keep shirts stain-free!

BREASTFEED IN STYLE: Don’t sacrifice your style because you’re breastfeeding! LatchPal can be used with a mom’s existing wardrobe and only requires one hand to attach and latch, it secures shirts through all seasons.

ON THE GO MOM: Our breastfeeding clip is discrete and shirt or nursing tank to keep you comfortable and covered (if desired). LatchPal is small enough to fit in your pocket, diaper bag or to remain clipped on your shirt reminding your which breast you nursed from last.

MUST HAVE BABY GIFT: Whether you’re buying for an at-home mom or one returning to the workplace, Moms love LatchPal because it makes nursing easier and gives the gift of hands-free feeding! It’s perfect for any breastfeeding starter kit, make it one of your new mom breastfeeding supplies today. LatchPal is “Nursing’s Breast Friend” and it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

BEYOND BREASTFEEDING: LatchPal has proven uses beyond breastfeeding: Clip it to a bag to any bag to make  hand sanitizer, keys, pacifiers, or toys easily accessible.  You can also use it to secure a child’s shirt or dress while potty training!

FAST SHIPPING: We know breastfeeding can be a challenge, we believe in QUICK SHIPPING and will ship your order as soon as possible so you can stress less and focus on feeding your baby, not your falling shirt!

Additional information

Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 7 in


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