Why You Should Consider Breastfeeding Your Toddler

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benefits breastfeeding a toddler

The beauty of breast milk is that it’s safe for everyone. While some people place a weird taboo on breast milk, the truth is it provides endless nutrition and antibodies that toddlers can benefit from.

There’s no rule that says when moms should stop breastfeeding; however, moms often experience reduced supply during the following stages:

  1. When moms go back to work. Pumping can be a challenge.
  2. When baby is primarily eating solid foods. Around this time, moms are trying to wean baby off night-nursing and nursing to sleep. It tends to stop entirely.
  3. When baby just isn’t interested anymore.

If you and your child are content breastfeeding into the toddler years, there’s no reason to stop. Extended breastfeeding does not mean your child will become clingy or mama-dependent. Trust me, you’re child will have plenty of opportunities to explore their freedom.

Furthermore, breastfeeding an older child is actually a lot easier. They can position themselves, manipulate your breast to their liking, and they are far more efficient about getting milk out. You may spend 20-30 minutes per session feeding an infant, but a toddler can do it in just a few minutes. They also do it less often because their diet is filled with other foods.

In fact, there are even some pretty interesting benefits to breastfeeding a toddler.

1. Your breast milk changes to fit her needs

When you’ve been nursing for two years, your breast milk is no longer formulated for an infant. It changes over time to meet your baby’s changing needs. It will be less fatty and higher in protein.

2. Your baby’s IQ may be higher

There are some studies that show that children who breastfeed have slightly higher IQs than formula-fed babies. This effect is compounded the longer you nurse.

3. You decrease your risk for cancer

There’s evidence that lactating for an extended period of time significantly lowers your risk of different kinds of cancers. The effect is strongest when you breastfeed for more than a year and a half.

4. Your child will develop mentally and socially

Like I said, breastfeeding for a few years doesn’t produce a clingy, emotionally stunted child. On the contrary, extended nursing creates a comforting environment of emotional support that actually strengthens their social and emotional abilities.

When did you stop breastfeeding your child? If you could go back in time, would you do it longer?

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