When your water Breaks…Life Begins

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It was nearly 5 years ago that Tina Sugandh awoke in the middle of the night as do most pregnant women in their final weeks of pregnancy. However, this particular night she thought she’d “lost all control of her bladder…and there was water all over the bathroom floor” her husband Tarz Ludwigsen,  told the Dish. That’s when the couple realized Tina’s water broke and their journey was beginning.

Once contractions began, Tina and her husband Tarz, went to the hospital and the expectant mom experienced one of the most terrifying moments any mom-to-be can. “Every time she had a contraction the baby’s heartbeat dropped” putting the child’s life at risk. If you haven’t experienced this, I hope you never have to. After an emergency delivery was performed Tina welcomed a 4 LB, 8 oz baby boy to the world.

Tina is now a mother of 3. Despite her busy recording and filming schedules, this Bollywood star has embraced all aspects of motherhood including breastfeeding and using a breast pump, she’s joked “I’m going to get a ticket for milking and driving!”  While we *hope* that doesn’t happen, we’re thrilled that Tina loves LatchPal and has said “This AMAZING concept is an absolute LIFE-SAVER when you are an on-the-go mom with multiple kids!!”

When Tina isn’t working with record labels like Sony and starring on hit Bravo TV shows like “Newlyweds-The First Year”, and Andy Cohen’s talk show “Watch What Happens Live” she’s found the time to speak out about the difficulties of pregnancy, miscarriage and the miracle of rainbow babies.

One of the most meaningful moments of Tina’s journey has been educating millions of Andy Cohen’s viewers that “1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. As a woman who’s experienced 5 miscarriages, Tina knows the importance of releasing herself from any shame and supporting moms who’ve endured similar experiences.

As if that’s not enough, Tina created a line of organic hydrating creams, while on bed rest with her second child. Like every mom, she knows the importance of finding a simple beauty routine that leaves you looking and feeling great. Moms everywhere are loving her line of natural, chemical-free, and ultra-hydrating creams that soothe skin and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It’s about time Moms get the pampering they deserve! Read all the 5-star product reviews at MomOnTopShop; we’ve heard great things!

HAVE YOU BEEN INSPIRED BY MOTHERHOOD? How have YOU and YOUR LIFE changed since your water broke?


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