The Deatrick Family: A Story of Love

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Today, parents of all stages have amazing opportunities to share their parenting journey with others. One of our favorite events is MommyCon, a convention that’s focused on birth, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and bringing families together! It was nearly a year ago that we participated in MommyCon Chicago and like others brands; we ran a product giveaway with some of our favorite products. Not only did the winner take home a LatchPal breastfeeding clip, but they also received a:

The giveaway prize went to Nicole and John Deatrick. When their names were drawn, I remembered meeting the couple in person. They were absolutely darling; soft spoken, kind, cheery, expecting a child, and excited to enter our contest. I knew they’d be thrilled to receive their winnings. As I searched for an address to have the products shipped, only then, did I learn how deserving the Deatrick family really was.

As it turned out, the past few years had been especially difficult for the Deatricks. Months earlier, John had fallen 20 feet into a manhole and the near fatal accident left him with multiple life-threatening injuries including significant head trauma, severe bleeding, and a shattered pelvis. John’s brain was so swollen that doctors needed to remove a portion of his skull and place him in a medically induced coma. All the while, wife Nicole cared for their three children, one a newborn, as she feared for her husband’s life.

Today, John is doing fine. He lives his life just like he used to, for the most part but “every doctor told him he wasn’t supposed to live,” said John to WAVE 3 News. People close to the family were astounded that John survived and doctors kept saying “the love for his wife and family is what pulled him through”.

Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of The Deatrick Family and reflecting upon their tale of love, tragedy, and triumph. Love is a powerful emotion. Sometimes we think we know what love means, but it surprises us when we need it. It gives us the courage to soldier on when times get hard; the courage to do what we thought might be impossible. It gives us the strength to endure situations we never imagined.

As we embark upon our individual journeys, this story reminds us to show love and kindness to those around us because we’ll never know someone’s story by simply looking at them. While our trials and tribulations may not be as trying as the Deatrick’s, they’re challenges all the same. We can learn a lot from this inspirational family about the importance of faith, love, and sticking together in good times and bad; Family gives us strength and resolve beyond comprehension. It’s truly amazing.

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