A Note to my Children| A Mother’s Legacy


As a mother, I often think about the legacy I’m imparting upon my children…
I wonder about the memories we’re making and how they’ll recall these early years, once they’re grown.
Spoken words can be fleeting and forgotten, so I’ve taken a moment to write down my thoughts…
It’s amazing how powerful a little passage can be.
Next time you have a moment, pick up a pencil, and watch your story come alive on paper.

A Note to My Children

I am your mother, You are my child

I am your quiet place, You are my wild.

I am your shelter, you are my storm,

I am the blanket that keeps you warm.

I am the butterfly that lands on your nose,

I’m the green grass that tickles your toes.

I’m the lullaby that calms your night,

I’m the arms that hold you tight.

Wherever you are, I am too and

NEVER FORGET that I love you.


– Melissa

Mom & Founder of Happy Fig