7 Holiday Survival Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes are now available, which means the holidays are on the horizon. With a lot of festivities, joy, stress, and travel in the months to come here are 7 Holiday Survival Tips for Breastfeeding Moms.


Ditch the shapewear

Say goodbye to shape wear this holiday clothing. It can REDUCE your MILK SUPPLY and leave you vulnerable to mastitis, blocked milk ducts and other breast conditions.


Let loose

Loose fitting tops are ideal for a nursing mom. They’re forgiving as you position your baby and are easy to hold up with your LatchPal Nursing Clip, plus they give you some coverage with the fabric’s natural drape


Eat cookies

It’s important for a breastfeeding mom to snack often. You’ll do your baby a favor when you indulge in those Oatmeal cookies. While oatmeal isn’t necessarily a proven galactagogue, many moms find that it increases their milk supply.


Bring a breast pump

Never leave home without a breast pump. Even if your kiddo is a nursing champ, s/he can be thrown off by holiday schedules and fun with family. If your baby is pre-occupied, you might find yourself pumping. Get a handpump, they’re easy to use anytime, anywhere!



Holiday activities can be overwhelming for a little one. Consider keeping them close, so they feel secure. Plus, if you’re a bashful breastfeeder, carriers can provide some privacy for mom and baby.


Tea time

If you notice a dip in milk supply it could due dehydration or travel stress. Take a few moments to relax, but take a pass on that peppermint tea (it could reduce your supply). Instead, opt for Chamomile tea, which can hydrate you and calm your mind and body while being safe for mom and baby.


Restore routine

Children find comfort in daily routine. Despite holiday festivities, try to introduce regular feeds, nap times and bedtimes when traveling. Doing so, will make the holiday (and transition back to reality) easier for mom and baby.


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