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Breastfeeding and soon-to-be-breastfeeding moms…… You’d be ok if you only had your breasts and no other “items”. But… real life and managing a family comes with not always having the luxury of sitting down and drinking in every second of your baby’s sweetness (like you want to!). There are some great basics to have that will make you more comfortable nursing in public…while wearing your babe… if you pump… Something you may not have heard of yet is the LatchPal. If you’re out somewhere and about to nurse your babe but you haven’t quite gotten smooth at lifting your shirt without exposing your stomach… or you need to position your top a certain way to keep it out of baby’s face… the Latch-Pal holds it back for you! What a great idea!
Anything you’ll need- from nursing tanks and bras to baby carriers, breast pumps and supplies…Judy has it at A Mother’s Boutique. Online and brick-and-mortar in Pittsburgh, PA- this place has it all AND Judy is excellent at helping you find your perfect bra size (even online!).


Visit LatchPal at MommyCon in Chicago!

A simple, innovative & refreshing breastfeeding product debuts at MommyCon 2015

LatchPal Breastfeeding Clip; Secures a mom’s shirt, so she can focus on feeding.

(Chicago, IL) Chicago Mom and entrepreneur, has developed LatchPal; a first-ever breastfeeding clip for nursing & pumping mothers. LatchPal secures a mother’s shirt, so she can focus on feeding, not her falling shirt.

According to the Center of Disease Control, 76.5% of babies are breastfed and only 49% are breastfed at six months. LatchPal’s smart & discrete design secures a mother’s shirt, for a clear view of her breast to promote successful latching, so she can breastfeed with greater confidence and comfort.

“As a new mother, I found it frustrating and annoying to continually reposition my shirt while nursing. LatchPal not only eliminates your shirt from falling but also frees your hands so you can hold your child more securely and comfortably”, says LatchPal’s Inventor & Founder.

Partnering with local areas moms, LatchPal was tested and refined to ensure maximum effectiveness. LatchPal is convenient & effective for women of varying cup sizes, dressed in a variety of fabrics.“After much research, development and anticipation, we’re excited to release a product that can genuinely help new mothers on their breastfeeding journey”, says LatchPals founder.

LatchPal is the ONLY breastfeeding clip on the market; it’s simple attach & latch method makes it perfect for postpartum nursing, breastfeeding in public, and hands-free pumping. It’s invented by a mom and it’s Nursing’s Breast friend! LatchPal is available and can be purchase online at www.LatchPal.com.



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Kick Off The New Year with A Spectacular Multi-Brand Giveaway featuring brands that support mothers health during pregnancy and after birth – Hosted by Nizo Nursing Wear

Healthy living is something most of us strive for all year round but the New Year typically marks a starting point for renewed interest and efforts. To help support this, Nizo Wear has teamed up with 12 other women-owned businesses to bring a giveaway of epically healthy proportions!! Our New Year, New Healthier You Giveaway aims to spread awareness about the healthy ways to support mothers during pregnancy and after birth.

Through the giveaway, we hope to encourage expectant and current moms to explore natural ways to improve their health and the health of their baby; all while supporting mom owned brands that are making healthy living easier and more comfortable for moms! The giveaway runs from January 1st through January 11th and is open to all U.S. residents. One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a grand prize package valued at $575! To enter the giveaway and view all of the prizes and sponsors visit http://nizowear.com/ANewYearANewYouGiveaway.




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Over the next 8 days, we’ll be showcasing 8 great brands and giving you the opportunity to meet each of them, personally. Not only do these companies have wonderful products but all of us share a common vision to help new families, simplify parenting, and make a difference one family at a time.


So here are the details:

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LatchPal is a breastfeeding clip, created by a postpartum mother, who struggled to simultaneously hold her baby, her breast, and her shirt while nursing.   This simple solution only requires one hand to attach & latch, making it quick & convenient for any nursing (or pumping) mother.  LatchPal let’s moms focus on feeding, not their falling shirts; it’s nursing’s breast-friend! http://www.latchpal.com


Chewbead image chewbeads-logo

Chewbeads is a family affair. The idea began with the birth of their son, who loved to put everything in his mouth. As a new mom, the parent-inventors didn’t feel comfortable letting their child chew on his mother’s jewelry, so they created a line of soft, non-toxic jewelry that was colorful, chic, and above else…safe. Hence, Chewbeads. Their line  of teething jewelry is for moms to wear, safe for babies to touch, tug, and chew!  http://www.chewbeads.com


eepples-milkcharms_fridge_LR     Print

Eepples, the new and award-winning MilkCharm is a beautifully designed must-have that makes it simple and easy to label and track the freshness of your breast milk. It is also great for formula, unfinished bottles, baby food and many other food containers, so it’s usefulness last long after you’re done breastfeeding. Works with any bottle (and other food containers too). Innovative. Simple to use. Sustainably made in the USA. http://eepples.com/



Mayapple Baby logo   Mayapple teethers              RC final        corner cushions

Mayapple Baby – a family company was startedby two parents, living in Brooklyn, NY.  They were disappointed in the quality of their newborn daughter’s plastic teething toys and were inspired to create Mayapple Baby’s  irst teething toy line, Suri the Octopus™ and Friends.  Shortly thereafter, they also established Roving Cove premium child safety products. Safety is their first concern, products are designed with their children in mind ,and are always created with non-toxic materials.  http://www.mayapplebaby.com



UM ¨ nottag  Undercover mama nursing tank

Undercover Mama is all about moms! This group of Mom inventors knows *exactly* what a nursing mother needs. The undercover Mama Nursing Tank attaches to your favorite bra to make any shirt a nursing shirt! The patent pending design is quick, convenient, and allows a mom to nurse in style while keeping her back, sides and stomach covered. You’ll love the variety of styles & colors! http://undercovermama.com/



 American posh POSH full onsie American Posh Adjustable

American Posh  is a “mommy-owned “company, founded by a mother who was unable to find a adjustable and high quality onesie to fit her newborn daughter.  American posh is an American-made garment that is safe, premium quality, organic and adjustable to provides a  custom fit for each baby.  Never again will your child’s onesie be too long, short, wide, or narrow; with American Posh it will be just perfect. It’s the best onesie money can buy and lasts twice as long as the leading brands. Adjustable, Organic, Affordable! http://theamericanposh.com



NeatCheeks_Logo_NewTag_RGB[1]     Neat Cheeks Product image

NeatCheeks was founded by two mothers. Danielle stumbled  across the idea while dining out with her family. With an overtired 2 year old covered in macaroni & cheese, she had two options: 1) make a scene by wiping her child’s face or 2) Leave covered in cheese. Danielle dipped her napkin in a glass of water, not realizing it was lemonade, and her daughter didn’t resist the wipe but said “nummy”. That’s when NeatCheeks, the Naturally Flavored Face Wipe was born. NeatCheeks is non-sticky, moisturizing, Pediatrician-tested, Dermatologist-tested and kid approved. http://neatcheeks.com




‘Love Your Little’ Designs was Founded by a Mama. Inspired by her own experiences, Jessica created ‘Love Your Little’ to offer gifts of hope, love, and encouragement with the many ups and downs that parents face. Jessica hopes to bring families a bit of sunshine, humor, and support through Art. Her Lactation line features motivational words of encouragement for those mamas who are nursing and/or pumping.  This series was inspired by Jessica’s own struggles with breastfeeding and taps into many issues mamas face when trying to provide for their little one(s). http://www.loveyourlittle.com/




LatchPal would like to extend a special “thank you” to all brands for donating their product & time to the Great 8 Giveaway; let’s hear it for parent-invented products!