Fall in love | 9 Must Have Baby Products

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Fall in love with 9 new baby products! 

Did you know that approximately 30,000 new consumer products are launched each year? With so many options it’s hard to distinguish the best baby products from the fleeting ones, that’s why we’ve rounded up a short list of  baby products you can trust.

With everything from nursing covers to portable bassinets, you’ll find something your family will love. These everyday essentials have been designed by Moms & Dads to solve common parenting challenges with a trendy twist; we hope you Fall in Love with these 9 New Baby Products (like we did).

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 9 Smart Buys for Mom & Baby: 

  1. Boobie Bar- Herbal Lactation Bars (as seen on Shark Tank)
  2. Eli & Ali BabyTush Swiper | Diaper Cream applicator
  3. LulyBoo Baby- Portable Bassinet
  4. Grabease- Ergonomic Self feeding Utensils
  5. LatchPal by Happy Fig- Breastfeeding Clip| Shirt Holder
  6. Little Beam – Nursing Pillow| Designed by a lactation consultant
  7. Jasemet- Nursing & Carseat Cover
  8. Susan Brown’s Baby- All Natural Skin Care| Foaming Hair & Body Wash
  9. Lil Gourmets- All Natural & Organic| Homemade vegetable purees


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