Best Tips for Dad: 11 Ways to Help with Breastfeeding

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Want to help with Breastfeeding but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered….


Here are 11 EASY Ways to Support a Breastfeeding Mother:


  1. Attend a breastfeeding preparedness course prior to baby’s arrival

  2. Research lactation consultants in your area, insurance coverage, and who’s in network

  3. Help create a comfortable nursing station for mom with nursing pillow, breastfeeding clip, dim lighting, burp cloths.

  4. Vocalize your support for your wife’s choice to breastfeed.

  5. Become familiar with your child’s hunger cues

  6. Wash burp cloths and pump parts

  7. Tend to baby between feedings, to give mom rest

  8. Help to burb and swaddle baby.

  9. Keep mom hydrated offering her water

  10. Purchase healthy snacks for mom, she’ll need extra calories

  11. Change Baby, recording the number of wet and dry diapers during first few weeks


We get it, The Struggle is Real:


breastfeeding shirt clipWritten by Melissa LaHann, Founder and CEO of Happy Fig, LLC  
Melissa is the inventor of LatchPal , the first nursing clip of its kind. LatchPal is a a breastfeeding shirt clip that holds up a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding. It eliminates shirt re-positioning and feeding disruptions, and helps a mom nurse hands-free in comfort to maximize milk flow. LatchPal was designed with moms in mind. The multi-use solution only requires one hand to latch. It’s a must-have breastfeeding accessory and essential for post-partum moms, pumping moms, and nursing in public.