8 Life Saving Tips to Prevent Kidnapping

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Kidnapping and what I remember….

     It was a warm summer day, about 25 years ago when a friend and I were playing in a shallow creek by our grade school. We’d throw small stones, pretend we were fishing, and watch sticks float through twists and turns. The creek ran under the street, through a cement viaduct, and like a telescope it revealed daylight on the other side.

On this particular day, we were playing near the viaduct when a slow-moving car coasted to a stop. The driver rolled down his window, called to us, and we timidly approached the vehicle. He then proceeded to reach across the long bench seat, open the passenger door, and invited us to get in.

I don’t remember what he looked like but I DO remember knowing something was wrong.  I can still see his outstretched hand and hear his invitation to take some candy. It haunts me.

I didn’t accept the candy (or a ride) that fateful day, but another kid might have and, now as a parent, that terrifies me. That’s why I’ve compiled 8 Real life tips about escaping kidnapping, that you can’t afford to miss.


8 Real Life Tips to prevent kidnapping

  1. Teach your children to memorize your address and phone number.

  2. Talk to your kids about Stranger Danger, including how to respond if they’re approached.

  3. Teach your child to ask for the family “code word” if someone offers them a ride

  4. Role Play the No, Go, Yell, & Tell” method that they should employ if in danger

  5. Discuss safe public places where they can seek refuge and help.

  6. Re-enforce safe behavior with books like Never Talk to Strangers and fun worksheets

  7. Contact your local police department for information on Officer Friendly programs; including stranger awareness, street safety, how to use 911, and more.

  8. Children won’t always tell you when they’ve been involved in a dangerous situation, ask questions daily and keep open dialogue with your children



Keeping Kids Safe| Start the Conversation about Stranger Safety

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