7 Simple Ways to Bond With Your Newborn

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Simple Ways to Bond With Your Newborn

As soon as the new baby arrives, parents are overwhelmed with love for their child. They want to take care of him/her, play with them, and get in as much bonding as possible each day. Luckily, there are so many different ways you can enjoy bonding activities with your little one. Here are some of our suggestions for doing so:

1. Nursing 

Breastfeeding baby is not only a healthy way to engage in feeding time, but it’s one of the most beneficial bonding experiences between mother and child. This activity allows you to get an up close look at your child’s facial expressions and body language as well. Even if you’re unable to nurse, or you’re a dad, bottle feeding with a bunch of talking and interaction is just as good!

2. Sleep Nearby 

If you still can’t get enough bonding in during the day, sleep near your child at night. This is also a great way to be ready to take care of any issues that arise in the middle of the night for a newborn. You can rest assured that your baby will be safe and comforted.

3. Interpret the Cry

While it may be tough to examine while you’re trying to ease your child, interpreting their cry is another great bonding technique. As your baby develops, you’ll learn to figure out the reason behind their crying a lot easier. This will help a lot in terms of fixing any issues that arise.

4. Baby Massage 

Giving your little one a gentle massage is a great bonding activity for you two. On top of the bonding, this will also help to relax their muscles, increase circulation, and reduce stress in the process!

5. Playtime 

Giving your new baby constant stimulation and play opportunities is not only beneficial to their development and growth, but for your development from parent to child as well. Even if they’re too young to do much with baby toys, you can still have fun with them waving fun objects around and appeasing their sense of sight and touch.

6. Baby Wearing 

If you can implement the use of a front baby carrier into your daily routines, you’re killing two birds with one stone! You’ll be able to go about your daily tasks and get important duties finished while also bonding with your child. This technique allows you and baby to be face to face and interacting all day long!

7. Singing 

Let’s be honest – we weren’t all blessed with great singing voices. With a new baby however, this doesn’t matter at all! Your child will love to hear the sound of your voice, and singing rhythmic tunes to them is an awesome way to bond with baby.  

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