Last Minute Tips for Halloween Safety

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6 Tips for keeping your kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for many families , especially  those who’ve spent the year finding the perfect costume, planning the  perfect trick or treating route, and  stringing up decorations.  Yet, with  so many ghouls and goblins roaming the streets, its important to be mindful of your families’ safety. Here are 6 last minute tips on how to keep your kids safe this Halloween!





1. Candy should only be accepted in a lit doorway:

A child should never set foot in a stranger’s home, they should remain visible at all times.



2.  Costumes shouldn’t impair visibility & cell phones should remain in pockets.

According to, Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car (and killed) on Halloween than on any other day of the year.



 3. Limit Black Licorice

FDA black licorice- FDA cautions trick or treaters to limit intake of black licorice, eating excessive quantities of black licorice can cause heart arrhythmias.

The  FDA issued a consumer update advising candy eaters  (oarticularly those above 40 ) should consume a maximum of two ounces (about  three 1-inch pieces) a day — or risk hospitalization from an irregular heart rhythm.



4. Closely Examine candy for elements that could be hazardous.

This includes tossing open wrappers, looking for tacks, blades, shards of glass and edibles. According to CBS- LA, Edibles are the fastest-growing segment of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. As the name suggested these treats come in the form of cookies, brownies, and gummy bear-type                        candies, which can be harmful to children.




 5. Never approach unwelcoming homes:

When a home is not well lit on Halloween, it suggests a resident is not partaking in festivities. It’s important to respect this signal and the neighbor’s privacy. (Note to parents: It’s important to be mindful that registered sex offenders are required to have shuttered homes with lights off, blinds down, and            no decoration.)


6. Monitor loved ones with Technology

Some third party apps, such as Family Signal and Life 360 offer GPS tracking and real time location finding services. While this app is beneficial throughout the year, it offers many parents peace of mind on Halloween.  Life 360 can notify parents once their child arrives home safely and there’s also a                panic button feature, which relays information in the case of an emergency.








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