6 Simple Hospital Bag Essentials- You Have at Home

This is what you need,

Just the essentials….


Here are 6 Simple Hospital Bag Essentials- You have at home


1. Slipper socks-
The hospital will provide you with socks if you don’t bring your own, but there’s something to be said for your very own pair, which are soft and comfy. When you’re in labor, sometimes the smallest luxuries make a big difference.


2. Your own pillow-
A pillow can be the difference between a good or bad night of sleep, so take your own. It’ll keep you as comfy (as possible) in that hospital bed and you’ll appreciate it once you’re resting in recovery.


3. Facial Wipes-
Labor is hard work, if you’re anything like me….you’ll be sweating, crying and more. If you opt for an epidural, chances are you won’t be showering during or after labor- so facial wipes can wipe off that smeared mascara and be really refreshing!


4. Lip Balm-
It depends on the hospital, but sometimes food and drink are restricted during labor, as a result, it’s easy to get parched and lip balm can make a big difference, plus the smell can be delightful and a touch of color will keep you looking your best for those newborn pictures!


5. Hair Ties-
Hair ties are something I can’t live without. Whether you’re resting, cuddled up with contractions, or pushing- chances are, you’ll want those gorgeous locks out of the way- whether it’s a top knot, bun, or a cute pony.


6. Camera-
Whatever you do, DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA. You may want to snap a final belly pict or capture a final “thumbs up” before you start pushing. OH and you definitely want to capture those first moments with your little one. You might feel like a hot mess, but I assure you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and you’ll see that first hand when you look back on your pictures!

Yes, of course you can pack your bag with more…but these are the basic essentials. Your family can bring your nursing pillow, your LatchPal and your baby’s “coming home” outfit when they visit! Good luck mama, you’re gonna do great!

You’re gonna be a mama soon- how exciting!!!





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Written by Melissa LaHann, Founder and CEO of Happy Fig, LLC

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