5 Easy Ways to Support New Parents

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 5 Easy ways to Support New Parents

You’ve watched your friends navigate excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty as they prepare for their new addition. Now that their little one has arrived, you might wonder how to help. Over the next few weeks, it’s common for a new family to pull back and focus on their immediate needs because the first months are often the hardest. However, this doesn’t mean you’re not needed as a friend. You may be needed now, more than ever. Here are some unique ways to support new parents.

1) Give them time to adjust.
Despite months of preparation, adjusting to parenthood can be difficult. Not only does mom need time to rest and recover, but she’s also learning to breastfeed. In addition, both parents are balancing new schedules and trying to bond with baby. If you didn’t get an opportunity to meet their little one in the hospital, give them some time to get situated at home before visiting and when you stop by, keep your visit short and sweet.

2) Drop-off homemade meals.
One of the greatest gifts you can give a new family is a home cooked meal. A couple may have a full pantry but it takes time and energy to prepare a meal. In most cases, parents don’t have the luxury of making a balanced meal, so receiving a home-cooked meal is a special treat.

3) Make a phone call, Don’t just text or email.
We live in a world full or emails and text messages but there’s something special about actually talking to someone. Give your friend a call to see how they’re doing. Even if it’s only a quick conversation, it allows you to connect and support them on a more intimate level.

4) Offer to help with Laundry.
Managing daily tasks can be overwhelming as new a new parent. Consider helping your friends with their laundry. Instead of doing laundry in their home, ask them to gather some items that need dry cleaning and laundering. Pick up their items, launder, & fold them; they’ll be thankful to have fresh clothes!

5) Create a gift basket with necessities for Mom & Baby.
Binkies and baby blankets may have been gifted at the shower but you have a unique opportunity to give items that are more personal. You might consider epsom salt, new mommy teas, sugary snacks, magazines, nipple cream, nursing pads, a LatchPall and newborn diapers. These small and thoughtful surprises can go a long way!

Do you have any recommendations for great ways to help new families? Is there something someone did for you that was incredibly helpful? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


small-photoWritten by Melissa LaHann, Founder and CEO of Happy Fig, LLC

Like many moms before her, Melissa cradled her hungry, crying baby as she clumsily adjusted her bra and sat uncomfortably holding up her shirt. Before she knew it, her baby was squirming, her shirt was falling, and the nursing session was interrupted. She needed a better solution, so she created LatchPal, the first nursing clip of its kind.

LatchPal is a breastfeeding shirt clip that holds up a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding. It eliminates shirt re-positioning and feeding disruptions, and helps a mom nurse hands-free in comfort to maximize milk flow. LatchPal was designed with moms in mind. The multi-use solution only requires one hand to latch. It’s a must-have breastfeeding accessory and essential for post-partum moms, pumping moms, and nursing in public.

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