International Women’s Day is March 8, 2018 and it’s a global celebration of Women’s Achievement. So, cheers to you and all the smart, strong, ambitious, and beautiful women you know!

With Women’s Day capturing the world’s attention, women everywhere have a unique opportunity to challenge and improve stereotypes, norms, and post-partum policies including lactation rights and maternity leave.

That’s why I love women-founded companies like Happy Fig, Naked Nursing Tank, Flynn & King, and Charlie Banana. Not only have they inspired change for women and children but they contribute to non-profits to make our world a better place.

The future belongs to passionate go-getters, innovative thinkers, and those who believe in themselves and their dreams. If you need a little spark of encouragement to remind you what you’re capable of, you’re gonna love these amazing quotes and list of female entrepreneurs. You’ll also get a chance to win their products below!

Whether you’re a nursing mom -or- a mom with tweens, we’ve got everything from all natural nursing pads to luxurious lip balm, a mini pouch for your personal items, and the perfect beach bag. As if that isn’t enough, we know how hard motherhood can be, so you’ll also find a Breastfeeding Clip that holds up your shirt and a pro-breastfeeding pin so you know we’ve got your back!

But most importantly, we want to inspire you to make a difference. So meet these amazing entrepreneurs and enjoy these great quotes! Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise, so make TODAY count!

Read Inspirational Stores from These Female Entrepreneurs

A little Dose of Motivation and Encouragement


  1. Don’t be afraid to take a chance

  1. Get the whole family involved 

  1. You know best, trust your intuition


  1. Enjoying simple moments, they can inspire greatness.


  1. Be yourself and take the higher road, it matters.