Wholesale Agreement


  • Happy Fig LLC is a business that is founded in integrity and focused on offering innovative products at a competitive price. As a Happy Fig LLC distribution partner, you agree that you will not advertise LatchPal below a MSRP of $14.95 or sell LatchPal on any discount websites, auction websites, or third party e-commerce sites such as Craig-list, E-bay, Amazon, Etsy, Overstock.com, Zulily.com, or similar.

    Resale of Happy Fig LLC products (without our written consent) in such marketplaces will be deemed a violation of our distribution policy and is in direct conflict with corporate branding initiatives. Should you violate this policy, we reserve the right to cancel unfulfilled orders, refuse future orders, or cease business with you.

    This agreement is specific to sales transacted on e-commerce platforms; the sale price offered in your brick & mortar store is completely up to you.

    In an effort to strengthen & reinforce the Happy Fig LLC brand, we retain the right to offer strategic pricing initiatives and may offer exclusive permission to distributors who want to participate. We also reserve the right to modify this policy and will endeavor to notify you of any changes.

    Thank you for respecting our policy and the integrity of our brand. We appreciate your support as a Happy Fig LLC distribution partner and look forward to a working with you.

    Melissa LaHann
    Founder of Happy Fig, LLC


  • To Our Customers:

    In compliance with Sales and Use Tax Laws it is necessary that we have from all our customers a signed re-sale certificate, with their States Sales Tax Permit Number, to show that the merchandise has been purchased for re-sale.

    The good faith of the seller will be questioned if he has knowledge of facts which give rise to a reasonable inference that the purchaser does not intend to resell the property as, for example, knowledge that a purchaser of particular merchandise is not engaged in the business of selling that kind of merchandise.

    Under “Description of property to be purchased” there may appear:

    (1) Either an itemized list of the particular property to be purchased for resale, or
    (2) A general description of the kind of property to be purchased for resale. Such certificate is good until revoked in writing.

    Please insert your New Sales Tax Permit Number along with your Signature and Address in the following form.

  • Will be resold by me in the form of tangible personal property; PROVIDED, however, that in the event any of such property is used for any purpose other than retention, demonstration, or display while holding it for sale in the regular course of business, it is understood that I am required by the Sales and Use Tax Law to report and pay for the tax, measured by the purchase price of such property.