New Baby Breastfeeding Gift Set- LatchPal Nursing Clip & Soothing relief (BPA free)


This breastfeeding gift set is the perfect starter kit for any nursing mom; it’s a thoughtful gift that any mom will use and love.

This wonderful set includes:

  • One Pastel Dot LatchPal to make nursing easier.
  • One  playful pink Breast Soothie for treating breast tenderness.




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Product Description

LatchPal Features & Benefits:

  • Mom invented and designed
  • Nurse comfortably and be hands-free
  • Eliminate feeding disruptions & frustration of a falling shirt
  • Fasten shirt with one hand
  • Perfect for pumping
  • 4 fashionable colors

Soothie Benefits: 

  • This aqua gel compress can be warmed or cooled to ease breast tenderness in the early stages of breastfeeding.
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, no natural latex.
  • Comes in playful pink to remind moms about breast cancer awareness and conducting breast exams regularly.
  • The gel pack may be placed into a mother’s nursing bra for discreet and convenient relief.
  • Compress can be used for bumps and bruises as your child grows.
  • We believe in safety first, always use with caution and care, particularly when removing from the microwave.
  • Comes with one breast soothie per pack.