Nursing Reminder Clip

What is a a Nursing Reminder Clip? 

A Nursing Reminder Clip was originally designed as a discrete way for a mother to remember which breast she fed from last. When a mom is learning to breastfeed, it’s recommended that she alternate breasts at each feeding, nursing from one breast until it’s completely empty and then switching to the other. Given challenging sleep schedules, many moms find it difficult to recall which breast they fed from last and a Nursing Reminder Clip “notifies mom” which breast her baby should be positioned on.


Nursing reminder clips come in a variety of styles and makes- with an exclusive purpose of being a visual cue that tells mom how to proceed with feeding. While some moms, choose to wear a hair tie on their wrist as a reminder, the industry has evolved to include nursing reminder clips and nursing reminder bracelets.


Is it the same as a Nursing Reminder Bracelet?

It’s important to note that a Nursing Reminder Clip and a Nursing Reminder Bracelet are not the same.