Nursing Clip



What is a Nursing Clip?


A Nursing Clip gathers and securely holds up a mother’s shirt; the term “Nursing Clip” is often used  interchangeably with “breastfeeding clip or nursing shirt holder”. A nursing clip may be constructed of fabric or  man-made materials and include one or more ornamental aspects.


By definition, a clip, is a device or fastener, generally worked by a spring, to hold an object or objects in pace. As such, a nursing clip it is commonly attached to a mother’s nursing bra, clothing, or other aspect of apparel, so it remains accessible for a mother, so she can easily hold up her shirt during her next feeding session.


It’s important to note that a nursing clip is a breastfeeding accessory for mom and should never be used as a toy or left near an unsupervised child. As such, it’s important for a parent to examine all decorative aspects of the item and identify components that might pose a hazard if they come loose or are obtained by their young child. Be mindful that unconcealed magnets or could be particularly harmful if ingested. Safety First!


Nursing Clip is Shown here:

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