Breastfeeding Clip


What is a Breastfeeding Clip?


A breastfeeding clip is a nursing accessory designed to gather of the fabric of a mother’s shirt and hold it in place, so a mother doesn’t have to struggle to do so when nursing her baby. A mother might otherwise adjust her body in an uncomfortable position to keep her shirt in place. The term “breastfeeding clip” was first introduced by the makers of LatchPal, when they debuted their revolutionary new product in 2014 to help breastfeeding moms. Prior to, there was no other shirt holder for breastfeeding moms in commerce.


  • A breastfeeding clip has a few distinct features, many of which are proprietary to LatchPal and protected by multiple utility patents. The most notable advantage is that a breastfeeding clip can be secured to any part of a mother’s wardrobe thereby allowing her to gather and secure her shirt with ONE HAND. Additionally, the soft closing clip, is convenient to reposition, should a mother elect to use it as a nursing reminder clip.


  • As is the case with many specialty clips, a breastfeeding clip is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Not only is a breastfeeding clip used for nursing, but also used to assist with another developmental milestone, potty training. A breastfeeding clip can also be used to hold up a youngsters shirt or dress so the child can “see as they pee”™.


  • A breastfeeding clip may be repurposed to hold keys, sanitizer, a pacifier, and more….
    The functionality of a breastfeeding clip is displayed in the image below, which shows a mom nursing her baby in comfort, without distraction or discomfort.


Image of a Breastfeeding Clip shown here: