Breastfeeding Bracelet



A Breastfeeding Bracelet (also called a Nursing reminder bracelet) is a visible indicator that reminds a mother to nurse and from which breast she should nurse from.


Some breastfeeding bracelets allow a mom to track the schedule of her breastfeeding sessions by moving sliding indicators along the band. This might be particularly helpful for a mothers trying to feed her newborn on regular intervals. When a mom wants to ensure infant feeding is ALWAYS a priority, mom may opt for a a highly visible wrist band that’s complimentary to any outfit and hard to ignore.


Where a nursing reminder clip tends to be discrete in nature and easily hidden on a bra strap, nursing top, or nursing tank; a breastfeeding bracelet for nursing reminder bracelet tends to be highly visible and with a bracelet on display, fellow nursing and pumping mamas will immediately recognize that you’re part of their mama tribe.


*While nursing clips and breastfeeding bracelets are in their own a stand-alone category, it’s important to note that a breastfeeding clip may or may not be designed to include the reminder function.


An image of a breastfeeding bracelet is shown here: image coming soon