Breastfeeding Awareness

Breastfeeding awareness is the process of educating parents and their support network about the logistics, value, and decision to breastfeed, while providing help and resources. Breastfeeding awareness can be promoted by any group or person, that wants to elevate awareness, acceptance, and social acceptance.

In 2011 the Surgeon General, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office on Women’s Health noted that breastfeeding reduces a variety of health risks for women and children, yet action is needed to overcome existing barriers to breastfeeding. rous barriers to breastfeeding remain—and action is needed to overcome these barriers.

“According to these sources, mothers are often uncertain about hat to expect with breastfeeding and how to actually carry it out., Even though breastfeeding is often described as “natural,” it is also an art that has to be learned by both the mother and the newborn. Skills on how to hold and position a baby at the breast, how to achieve an effective latch, and other breastfeeding techniques may need to be taught. While some women expect breastfeeding to be easy, but then find themselves faced with challenges. (source)”


Here’s an example of ways LatchPal ®️ and Chicago Mothers are encouraging more women to breastfeed:


Nursing Mom feeding her baby in public with LatchPal breastfeeding clip. Silhouette mom, baby and child.


A child’s appetite is unpredictable. A busy mom taking a moment to breastfeed her toddler in a car, comfortably with her LatchPal


Mother using a breast pump in public, while in a car. Side view of a busy mom using her hand help pump and latchpal nursing clip