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Congratulations!!! You’re having a Baby (or perhaps you already have a few)…


These days, online retailers are making it easier than ever to purchase products that enrich, enhance, and improve our lives. The trouble is, with packed closets, messy playrooms, and drawers that don’t close… we simply have TOO MUCH STUFF.  If you’re looking to simplify your parenting style and do more with less, here are 15 Ways To Save Money & Space. These versatile productsconserve space, are multipurpose, and built to last, so you can do more with less.


Products that Save Money & Reduce Clutter

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More about LatchPal
LatchPal is a breastfeeding shirt clip that holds up a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding. It eliminates shirt re-positioning and feeding disruptions. LatchPal was patented and designed with moms in mind. The multi-use nursing clip only requires one hand to latch. It’s a must-have breastfeeding accessory and essential for post-partum moms, pumping moms, and nursing in public.